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"Prevention is better than cure". This centuries-old adage is probably the bedrock on which the term "Audit" is based. Just as a wise doctor feels a patient's pulse before a diagnosis, an Audit helps track telltale signs that prevent stock losses, outdated inventory, bad debts and a host of other debilitating roadblocks. Compliance is another facet of an Audit. Wherever in the world your business operates, however wide your operations, Audits Online delivers audit data and information through the big bright world of cloud computing.

Your Support Partner

Audits Online LLC is your "Partner in Excellence". We like to see ourselves as partners contributing in making businesses profitable. To have established processes, strict compliance, efficient data collection, regular reporting and timely decision-making, Audits Online is just the tool you need to ensure conformity through evidence-based monitoring.
It's only incidental that we call this an "Audit" tool. You may call it one of the crucial steps to propel your company towards achieving Quality Excellence.

So let's take the walk together.


Audit planning

Audits Online enables client companies to schedule their audits for the entire calendar year. Customized templates provide the facility to red flag events and set alerts when permissible limits are breached. Reporting can be scheduled on a cyclical basis to ensure process efficiencies.

Mobile and Offline Functionality

Audits Online enables you to also access your account from a Mobile Phone or a tablet. This means you have control on the move across the globe, 24x7 !


A customized dashboard displays data as intelligence metrics. This helps periodic management review and provides vital inputs for strategic top management decisions.

Central Audit and Inspection data archive

All your data are archived on the Cloud and accessed when the need arise.

Risk Analysis

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FEMA) and Risk Chart help visualize risks encountered and the mitigation process. These can be scheduled and generated on the template.

Action item tracker

Audits Online allows you to assign responsibility and track job completion of actionable items. This permits close monitoring of Key Results Area (KRA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Report format

Audits Online affords you the luxury of generating reports using Microsoft Excel and PDF with or without an unique scoring system. This makes your reports compatible and seamlessly usable with MS office.


Inserting and uploading pictures, Excel and Word Files is possible.


Audits Online allows you to limit access to vital data and information. You have the facility to set access levels depending on roles and functions.


The most attractive feature of Audits Online is its affordability. Templates are scalable to match the needs and size of every business from Proprietary firms to small and medium size organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide our clients the ease to design and build audit templates of their choice. This provides simple, sequenced criteria for the user to understand and work with. This template will capture what matters most and generate useful reports for the client.
The Audit Template can be used by most industries where custom audit reports need to be generated.
We provide you the facility to auto pay as you go via PayPal. 'Payment Due' email reminder will be sent 7 days prior to the due date. Receipt will be emailed upon payment. Timely payment will avoid account lock out.
Request your Company's Auditsonline.com Administrator to cancel the subscription. For individual subscriber, please cancel subscription any time by clicking the 'Cancel' button on the Account Activation page.
Account access is assigned by the Administrator. Licensed Assignee can only Login from one device. The audit information access can be assigned to another person by the assigned auditor.
The third-party cloud based service provider conducts daily backups. The assigned auditor can also archive their audit template and report on their computer device.
Audits Online, LLC appreciates feedback provided for improvement, complaints and compliments. Use 'Contact Us' tab for this purpose.
Audits Online, LLC plan to include in the future:
  • ISO standards audit templates
  • Other support functions

Subscription Plans

Payment due email reminder will be sent 7 days prior to payment due date. Online pay as you go via PayPal or Credit Card.
Need to pay via Electronic Bank Transfer etc., please email sales@auditsonline.com Timely payment avoids account lock out. Receipt will be emailed upon payment receipt. Cancel subscription any time by clicking the Cancel button on the Account Activation page.

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